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2018 Hockey Camps

Grunnah Power Skating 'Control the Ice' Clinic April 6-7, 2018

'Control the Ice' Clinic, Santa Fe, NM  April 6-7, 2018


Join us for a two-day intensive clinic at Santa Fe's Genoveva Chavez Community Center (GCCC). Our focus will be on providing players with advanced skating techniques used specifically for control, power, and efficiency that relate to direct in-game skating scenarios. Each day, we will skate for two hours (for a total of four hours). A GPS jersey is included in the price of the clinic. This clinic is designed for travel level players 10U-18U.*


: Friday, April 6th (5-7pm) and Saturday, April 7th (9-11am), 4 hours of ice total
Location: Genoveva Chavez Community Center, 3221 Rodeo Rd, Santa Fe, NM 87507

ProAmbitions Hockey Camp -- May 29, 2018 at GCCC


May 29 - June 1 2018   3 options

  1. The Battle Camp -- ages 6-16

This is what we are known for. Founder of Pro Ambitions Hockey, Inc., Jeff Serowik, created and trademarked this system of training where skill development takes place in a game situational battle in small area drills. Our goal is to develop a player’s skill and hockey IQ through game situational battles . Every drill incorporates a skill, skating and game theory element while engaging in a game situational battle. At the Battle Camp players will go through a battery of drills that all introduce a second puck. After the initial battle is won or lost, the players focus on gap control and go back in for a second battle. This curriculum has created its own niche in the industry. Is now imitated by many. It has been endorsed by the Boston Bruins, and countless NHL players. We facilitate the camps for the Boston Bruins for a reason.


  1. Defense with Jeff -  ages 6-16

I am a defenseman. You will train with me personally. I call the “D” the “mules”. We pull the cart up the hill, no glory, but blamed when we didn’t get the puck away from “our house”. One of my career highlights was winning The Eddie Shore Award for best defenseman in the AHL.

I learned the most defensively in my last few years playing pro hockey from Coach Kevin Constantine, Pittsburgh Penguins. Defense is hard to teach. Growing up I was a forward until I was moved back to D as a junior at prep school. I was drafted that year. I attribute playing forward as a youth being significant in making me a better defenseman. I encourage forwards to attend this camp. Every summer, many do. Great forwards need to be great backcheckers.

  1. Goalie -- ages 6-16

Pro Ambitions, the leading development camp in the world utilizes the leader in goaltending development Mike Buckley and his staff. Mike Buckley is the goaltending development coach of the 2016 Stanley Cup winning Pittsburgh Penguins. Mike and his team of goalie coaches are the nation’s top goalie development coaches. In the last three seasons they have developed 16 Division 1 goaltenders alone, unparalleled success.


Laura Stamm power skating camp July 6-8, 2018

At Laura Stamm Power Skating we focus on teaching the proper skating techniques to increase the players efficiency and effectiveness. We do this by having the players (at all levels) practice well within their comfort level. Once we fix their technique we bring them back up to speed so they can feel the effectiveness of skating done correctly.

Air Force Academy Summer Hockey Camps June 2018

Ice Hockey Camp

Thank you for considering the AFA Hockey Camp! Hockey is a very physical, emotional, and technical sport. A hockey player needs to be skilled in a number of different areas in order to play the game proficiently. Because of this, the road to becoming a hockey player can be challenging and frustrating at times. However, once a player has reached a certain level of proficiency, there is no sport that is more enjoyable and rewarding.


Session 1: June 11-15 (Ages 12-18)

Session 2: June 18-22 (Ages 12-18)

Session 3: June 25-27 (Ages 8-13) - Commuter Only