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By Bearclaw Shipe, 10/01/23, 11:30PM MDT


There have been some updates to the play up policy but also just a good reminder of SFHA's play up policy for all players within our association:

Per our play up policy they can play up one level  but they must have the play up form signed by their parents and the request must be approved by both coaches. If there is a scheduling conflict, the player is expected to play with their originally rostered team.  This policy was developed when we were short players to ensure that every age group could field a team to avoid forfeiting games.   If an age group has a full roster, then there should not be any players "playing up".  A player that is "playing up"  should not be played up at the expense of rostered players in that age group.  


- If a team has a full roster, there should not be any players "playing up" from a younger age group. 

- A player was originally rostered as a Bantam and has an approved play up form signed to play JV.  If there is  a scheduling conflict between a Bantam game and a JV game, the player is expected to play with the originally rostered team (Bantam). 

-  No player should be playing up more than one level under any circumstances (a Squirt cannot play a Bantam game; a Bantam cannot play a Varsity game).

 If a rare case pops up where an exception is required, the exception must be approved ahead of time by the Association Registrar and President.\\

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