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- EXPIRED - petition against turning the GCCC ice rink into a soccer field

By John Utsey, 03/08/23, 10:00AM MST


Lets work together to have our voices heard. Sign and Share the petition.

Here is a Petition opposing the taking of ice time away from children in the middle of Hockey Season.


Please sign and Share.

#ThinkRink Save the Ice @ GCCC

THINK RINK!  The Santa Fe Skating Community Depends on the GCCC Ice Rink.


I support prioritizing youth sports over for-profit professional sports.  I support continued full public and community use of the Genoveva Chavez Community Center Ice Rink as approved by voters.  I believe the city needs to keep investing in youth activities and programming and not subsidizing professional sports.   I do NOT support repurposing the Genoveva Chavez Community Center Ice Rink to benefit the for-profit Major Arena Soccer League 2 team and effectively eliminating youth hockey and skating in Santa Fe.  


Below are several pdfs with different parts of the soccer story.

The John Blair letter is enlightning with a fairly comprehensive timeline.

The David Fresquez letter is cherry picked comments that he spins the answers to suit himself.  I think financial transparency, and his ultimate end goal are lacking.  He alludes to "in the red" a few times.  I am not sure how pushing the hockey teams out that pay $10,000 a month will help the center get "in the black."


The Michael Cardinal letter is a  letter to the Mayor from a gentleman and his wife who have years of experience working in professional and collegiate hockey rinks. They have experiance with the type of conversion that Fresqeuz is proposing.  The mayor never responded to this letter.

The final pdf is a letter from hockey dad, Myles Fitzgerald. He addresses many discrepancies in the Fresquez packet.