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Welcome to Santa Fe Hockey


The Santa Fe Hockey Association Board of Directors is pleased to announce the opening of registration!  Please click on the link below to register your player for the 2016-2017 regular season!  Check the calendar for the practice schedule.


The Game Schedule has been officially released!


Sat      11/5/16       8:30-9:30am       Mite SFHA v. NMAHA                   GCCC

Sun     11/13/16     9:30-10:30am     Mite SFHA v. Taos                         GCCC

Sat      11/19/16     5:15-6:15pm       Mite SFHA v. NMICE                     GCCC

Sun      12/4/16      9:30-10:30am     Mite LAHA v. SFHA                        Los Alamos

Sun      12/11/16    3:15-4:15pm       Mite NMICE v. SFHA                     Outpost

Sat       1/21/17       8:00-9:00am/9:15-10:15am          Mite Taos v. SFHA                    Taos

Sat      2/4/17          5:15-6:15pm       Mite SFHA v. LAHA                        GCCC

Sat      2/11/17       8:00-9:00am       Mite NMAHA v. SFHA                      The MAC


Sun        11/6/16                 9:30-10:30am     Squirts SFHA v. NMAHA                    GCCC

Sat          11/12/16              5:15-6:15pm       Squirts SFHA v. Taos                          GCCC

Sat          12/3/16                 3:15-4:15pm       Squirts NMICEY v. SFHA                   Outpost

Sat          12/10/16              8:00-9:00am; 9:15-10:15am      Squirts Taos v. SFHA                    Taos

Sat          12/17/16              3:30-4:30pm       Squirts NMAHA v. SFHA                     The MAC

Sun        12/18/16              9:30-10:30am     Squirts SFHA v. NMICEX                     GCCC

Fri           1/6/17                   6:45-7:45pm       Squirts LAHA2 v. SFHA                       Los Alamos

Sat          1/7/17                   5:15-6:15pm       Squirts SFHA v. LAHA1                      GCCC

Sat          1/21/17                 5:45-6:45pm       Squirts LAHA1 v. SFHA                         Los Alamos

Sun        1/22/17                  9:15-10:15am     Squirts NMICEX v. SFHA                         Outpost

Sat          2/4/17                   6:30-7:30pm       Squirts SFHA v. NMICEY                         GCCC

Fri           2/10/17                 7:15-8:15pm       Squirts SFHA v. LAHA2                       GCCC


Sat          11/5/16                 8:00-9:00am       Peewee NMAHA v. SFHA                          The MAC

Sun        11/13/16              9:15-10:15am/11:45-12:45pm     Taos v. SFHA                          Taos

Sat          11/19/16              3:15-4:15pm       Peewee NMICEZ v. SFHA                          Outpost SOUTH

Sun        12/11/16              11:45-12:45pm  Peewee NMICEX v. SFHA                          Outpost

Fri           12/16/16              7:15-8:15pm       Peewee SFHA v.  NMICEZ                     GCCC

Sat          1/7/17                   6:30-7:30pm       Peeewee SFHA v. NMAHA                     GCCC

Fri           1/20/17                  7:15-8:15pm      Peewee SFHA v.Taos                         GCCC

Sat          1/21/17                 10:15-11:15am   Peewee LAHA1 v. SFHA                           Los Alamos

Fri           1/27/17                  7:15-8:15pm       Peewee NMICEX v. SFHA                           GCCC

Sat          2/4/17                   11:20-12:30pm  Peewee LAHA2 v. SFHA                           Los Alamos

Sun        2/5/17                   9:30-10:30am     Peewee SFHA v. LAHA1                         GCCC

Sat          2/11/17                8:30-9:30am       Peewee SFHA v. LAHA2                          GCCC

Sun        2/12/17                 10:30-11:30am   Peewees NMICEY v. SFHA                            Outpost

Sat          2/25/17                8:30-9:30am       Peewees SFHA v. NMICEY                       GCCC


Fri           11/4/16                7:15-8:15pm       Bantams SFHA v. NMICE                         GCCC 

Sun        11/6/16                 8:00-9:00am       Bantam NMAHA v. SFHA                             The MAC

Sat          12/3/16                5:45-6:45pm       Bantam LAHA1 v. SFHA                             Los Alamos

Fri           12/9/16                7:15-8:15pm       Bantam SFHA v. LAHA1                          GCCC

Sat          12/10                     7:00—8:00pm    Bantam LAHA v. SFHA                             Los Alamos

Sat          12/17/16              8:30-9:30am       Bantam SFHA v. NMAHA                        GCCC

Sun        1/8/17                   9:30-10:30am     Bantam SFHA v. LAHA2                           GCCC

Fri           2/3/17                   7:15-8:15pm       Bantam SFHA v. Taos                               GCCC

Sat          2/11/16                 3:15-4:15pm       Bantam NMICE v. SFHA                             Outpost

Sat          3/4/17                   8:00-9:00/9:15-10:15am  Bantam Taos v. SFHA                              Taos


Saturday, November 12                                6:30 p.m.             SF v. La Cueva                             GCCC

Friday, November 18                                     7:15 p.m.           SF v. Cibola                            GCCC

Saturday, November 19                                8:00 a.m.              SF v. Odessa                          GCCC

Sunday, November 20                                   9:00 a.m.              Odesssa v. SF                                   GCCC

Saturday, December 17                               Afternoon p.m. Durango v. SF                                    Durango

Sunday, December 18                                 Morn a.m.           SF v. Durango                         Durango

Friday, January 6                                         7:15 p.m.             Taos v. SF                                     GCCC

Sunday, January 8                                      11:00 a.m.           SF v. LA                                     LA    

Friday, January 27                                       8:00 p.m.             SF v. Cibola                               The MAC

Saturday, January 28                                  5:15 p.m.             SF v. Taos                                  Taos

Friday, February 3                                       6:15 p.m.             SF v. La Cueva                                Outpost

Saturday, February 4                                 8:00 a.m.              SF v. El Paso                                   GCCC

Saturday, February 4                                  7:45 p.m.             El Paso v. SF                                        GCCC

Saturday, February 11                               12:15 p.m.           SF v. Amarillo                              Amarilllo

Sunday, February 12                                  9:00 a.m.              Amarillo v. SF                                         Amarillo

Friday, February 24                                   7:15 p.m.             SF v. LA                                         GCCC

Friday, March 3-5              HS Tournament and Skills Camp                                   El Paso

Friday, March 10-12         Coyote Classic          Taos

"Coach of the Year Award" - Coach Rogers

Haemi Rogers, Lead Rink Staff and the Coach of the Santa Fe Blue Jackets High School hockey team, was awarded the “Coach of the Year Award” for the entire state of NM for the 2015-16 season.

This was Haemi’s  first season as a hockey coach.

We are fortunate to have Haemi’s dedication to the game of hockey and to her position at the GCCC Ice Arena.

Coach Haemi Rogers Featured in Albuquerque Journal

We are so very proud of the Santa Fe Blue Jackets Head Coach, Haemi Rogers and her recent coverage in the Albuquerque Journal about her and her team. Board and SFHA Head Coach, please take a moment to congratulate Haemi when you see her at the rink!

Way to go, Coach!

Thank You for Your Participation and Support!

Fundraiser - Hockey Tape Still Available!

The Santa Fe Youth Hockey Association has hockey tape is still available for purchase and is tax deductible: Mites, Squirts, PeeWees and the High School teams. This is their fundraising for the year.

  • Cloth tape is $3.00 per roll

  • Clear tape is $4.00 per roll

To purchase your tax deductible tape, contact the team managers listed below:

High School: Linda Spingler -
Pee Wee: Noelle Miller -  (or Tom Miller - )

It's always a good time to stock up!

Thanks again for continuing to support your SFHA!

SFHA is the proud home of the Santa Fe Blue Jackets and Santa Fe Capitals!

Come Play Youth Hockey and Experience More Great Moments in Your Child's Life

Introduction image

More than a Game

Hockey develops skills on the ice that build a foundation for a lifetime. In addition to athletic prowess, hockey promotes confidence, pride, focus and responsibility. With an emphasis on fun, hockey is a game to be played and enjoyed for life.

Life-long Friendships

Starting with the bonds created in the locker room to the relationships formed on ice, hockey creates life-long friendships. This camaraderie shared on and off the ice encourages teamwork and the natural development of leadership skills.

Set Up for Success

From learning to balance school, responsibilities at home, time at the rink and playing with friends, hockey encourages kids to learn time management skills that will later serve them in all facets of life. Hockey’s unique source of physical fitness promotes healthy living.

Hockey is Fun

The thrill of carrying the puck up the ice on a breakaway, the exhilaration of scoring your first goal or making that amazing save is possible due to the encouraging environment hockey provides to try new things and grow as a hockey player and person.

Go Blue Jackets!



Go SF Capitals!

Team Wear

If you are interested in supporting our programs use the links to the right to purchase products - a portion of all items sold goes comes right back to SFHA.

We appreciate your support!